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  • Ideal for all season
  • Useful product to protect against dust, bugs & UV rays when you enjoy bicycling, motorcycling, climbing, jogging or outdoor activities
  • Serve as a beanie, hairband, helmet liner, scarf or wristband
  • With UV protection, 99% certified by FITI Testing and Research Institute
  • Quality test report by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
  • Consumer safety test by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
  • F5s mask optimized for sports that enables easy breathing and filtering with micro-net structure smaller than pollen and dust.
  • It enables easier breathing than a general filter mask.
  • Water washing is possible due to its physically MICRO NET structure, not Electret Air Filter.
  • Both sides usable (Breathable holes & Filtering side)
  • Ear-loop for no slipping down.
  • F5s provides an excellent fit and perfect sealing due to noise wire. Because the F5s product consists of both sides, a “pore surface” and a “filter surface”, you can wear it in a direction to your purpose. Its upgraded ear hooks of a goggle-line pattern can minimize the interference of a mask when you wear the mask.
  • It adopts knitting technology for a structure that limits space of air passage to an area of 2.5㎛ or less.
  • NAROO MASK F5s was tested for pollen permeability at a particle size of in 1.7 ~ 2.6㎛ by a global certification authority and proved to have a performance result of 99% blocking rate.


  • Wymiary : 20 x 10cm (W x L)
  • Kolor : 4 colors ( Black / Black gray / Black blue / White )
  • Material : POLYESTER 46%, NYLON 42%, POLYURETHANE 12%
  • Dostępność : In stock
  • Płatność i dostawa : Please inform us by inquiry


  • please be sure to buy the product after the first use, please wash alone, check the product
  • Since the washing machine can use different clothes and eongkil recommend washing alone
  • Then gently hand wash in cold water or lukewarm water


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