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  • A sport mask of a Half Balaklava type for easy breathing (Open-head type)
  • Protect most of your face UV rays and cold wind
  • Serve as a beanie, hairband, helmet liner, scarf or wristband
  • The mesh-type breathing pores minimize fogging phenomenon of goggles and internal stuffiness
  • The mask’s edge point (long backside) can be adjusted to your head shape, enabling you to wear a mask for your facial type
  • Optimized design for drooping prevention
  • A perfect sunscreen in spring and summer and a windbreak in autumn and winter
  • Dispersing contact pressure point on the dace to make you feel more comfortable than existing masks that just “wrap” your cheeks
  • Your head alwayss feels fresh due to breathable fabric
  • X5H is designed to wear lifting the mask 30˚ up to 90˚ (adjusted to your head shape). At a maximum angle, your ears and face are completely wrapped to protect your face from UV rays and wind. Its frontal meshed surface facilitates breathing and Its design optimized for drooping prevention provides the best performance when you wear a helmet
  • With UV protection, 99% certified by FITI Testing and Research Institute
  • Quality test report by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
  • Consumer safety test by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute


  • Wymiary : 19 x 39cm (W x L)
  • Kolor : 3 colors ( Black / Grey / White )
  • Materiał : POLYESTER 46%, NYLON 42%, POLYURETHANE 12%
  • Dostępność : In stock
  • Płatność i dostawa : Please inform us by inquiry


  • please be sure to buy the product after the first use, please wash alone, check the product
  • Since the washing machine can use different clothes and eongkil recommend washing alone
  • Then gently hand wash in cold water or lukewarm water


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